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3- FEDA'S CENTER FOR Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development :

The building construction at the demolished El Rabae site was completed in January 2008. It is currently

being used for training technicians to repair and maintain household and business electronic and

electrical devises and appliances . However, it is planned to move this activity to kahla's workshops and

training center. The rabae wekala will then host the new '' Center for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable

Development ( CULSUS ) '' in cooperation with the  ''Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) '' which will also house handicrafts training .


Rabae before Rebuilding



Rabae After Rebuilding



After Modification of interior design

Activities at The " Center for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development ( CULSUS ) " include the following:

1- A Presentation of the different archaeological sites ( mosques, wekalas, sabils, ..etc ) located on the Moez street and Fatimide Cairo with pertinent explanations related to each (age, basic use, design, historical development, architectural designs and techniques ).

2- The use of modern technology to present " panorama exhibitions "  on the history and activities of historic Cairo .

3- Traditional folkloric heritage ( intangible cultural heritage ) expressed as :

      a) Oral expressions as tales, fables, riddles, folk ballads, and other traditional forms .

      b) Musical expressions such as folk songs accompanied by music .

      c) Performing expressions such as dances, plays, artistic forms ..etc .

4- Tangible expressions or mterial folk art products such as engraving, metal and jewelry inlaying , khayamia and   rugs .







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