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FEDA Projects


 In cooperation with the Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF), Ministry of International cooperation, Cairo Governorate, Wakf Authority, Ministry of Environment, as well as American, Canadian, Finnish, German, Australian and Japanese support, a “Sustainable Development Demonstration Project in Gamalia” is being implemented (1999-2012) with emphasis on:

• Relocating nonpolluting workshops and shops from various deteriorated buildings in the area to the newly renovated Kahla complex.

• Constructing a Community Development center and a Center for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development ( CULSUS ) on the sites of El Kharoub wekala and El Rabae after their demolition.

• Upgrading the physical infrastructure of the demonstration area.

• Enhancing community participation and sense of belonging through promoting community organization, social networking and strengthening links between community and local government.


• Establishing a local organization "Sustainable Development Association in Gamalia (SDAG)" to lead and coordinate future development efforts in Gamalia area.

• Capacity building of local organizations, community leaders and members of the specialized committees.

• Improving social, educational and cultural conditions of community members.

• Developing health and environmental consciousness in the demonstration area as well as initiating a Health Unit to serve the Community.

• Increasing economic opportunities of the community through provision of technical and vocational training.



Community Services


·        New homes for Kharoub Residents:

In cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, FEDA provided 13 families, previously residing at

Kharoub wekala, with appropriate housing at a new residential area (Doweka). The families pay a  monthly rent of 25LE, for 40 years, after which the apartments belong to them.           


·       Antiquity Lovers Campaign:

FEDA, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities , organized a number of visits for a group of school children to raise their awareness of Islamic, Coptic and Pharonic  antiquities at different sites in Cairo. The children learnt about the history and beauty of the Egyptian antiquities and were encouraged to keep the areas clean by collecting the garbage around them.


· Health, Environment and Educational Activities:

  • Illiteracy alleviation classes
  • Health and Environmental education seminars
  • Antiquity awareness for school children (visits and workshops)
  • Children's activities (using art as a means for environmental  and cultural awareness)
  • Sorting and collection of garbage at the origin (different homes), followed by further sorting   at Kahla Wekala
  • Health services
  • Handicrafts training
  • Educational support
  • Voluntary Health Visitors
  • Upgrading school environment (building maintenance)


Public Participation


·         Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA): in cooperation with CDS

       (Near East Foundation) proposed the following activities:

-          Renovation of shop facades to be in harmony with the touristic atmosphere.

-          Removal of garbage dumps to places outside Gamalia.

-          Building old-age homes.

-          Set garbage boxes in each street.

-          Removal of the lemon market to another area.

-          Rebuilding of the existing deteriorated houses.

-          Renovating and reopening of the monuments for different visitors or activities.


·         Community Mobilization:

      In order to interact with the community and ensure sustainability, FEDA:

-         Initiated a new local NGO: Sustainable Development Association for


-    Formed five "specialized committees" from members of the community

     with representations from FEDA and the local NGO (SDAG). These

     committees are:

             1. Health and Environment.

             2. Workshops and crafts.

             3. Youth and Education.

            4. Women and Gender.

            5. Infrastructure and Services.

    The Heads of these committees convene as a "Follow Up" committee to

    select priorities for items to be discussed by the "District committee" which

    is  chaired by the Head of Gamalia District (Hai Wasat) and memberships of

    his technical aids as well as the chairmen of FEDA and SDAG.


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