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   FEDA'S Mission

To achieve Sustainable Development for Egypt through implementation of projects leading to the upgrading of selected fragile eco-systems* with the goal of improving the quality of life of its residents:


*.Historical Areas: e.g.. Gamalia (Cairo Governorate).


*.Coastal Areas: e.g.. Rosetta ( Beheira Governorate).


*.Desert Areas: e.g.. Wadi El Natroun (Beheira Governorate).




1. Mobilize resources of UNDP sponsored Sustainable Development Task Force in alleviating poverty, improving living conditions and protecting cultural heritage.


2. Implement programs and projects responsive to environmental, socio- economic, and cultural needs and priorities of selected areas.


3. Contribute to the solution of the unemployment problem by offering training programs on handicrafts, computers, and repair & maintenance of technical devices (TV, DVD, Fax, Mobiles, Refrigerators, Washing Machines …etc) .


4. Promote awareness with our Cultural Heritage .


5. Organize and hold symposia, conferences and seminars in the areas of Environment and Sustainable Development.


6. Upgrade building’s physical conditions and improve infrastructure of demonstration areas.


7. Develop democratic community structure and strengthen capacity of the community and local organizations.


 8. Improve living conditions of the inhabitants (social, education, health, economic, environment and culture).

9. Offer services and provide consultations related to environment and sustainable development.


10. Initiate/ Revive local NGOs to serve relevant groups of people.


11. Advise on appropriate measures for conducting EIA of development projects.


12. Investigate socio-economic characteristics of selected communities based on the Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) approach.


13. Celebrate Earth Day through organizing workshops , such as : 


·       1993 "Towards Sustainable Development for Egypt".


·       1994 "Sustainable Urban Development".


·       1995 "Towards Sustainable Development for Historic Cairo: Proposed Coordination among Different Actors".


·       1996 "Towards Sustainable Development for Tourism in  Egypt".


·       1997 "Towards Clean Environment for Egypt: Treatment and Recycling of Waste in Urban Communities".


·       1998 "Towards Sustainable Development of Fatimide Cairo".


·       1999 "Towards Sustainable Development for Rosetta: A Historic Mediterranean City".


·       2000 "Towards Sustainable Desert Development for Egypt's Future Generations".


·       2001 "Towards Cleaner Energy and Better Environment in Egypt".


·       2002 "Sustainable Development and Revitalization of Egypt".


·       2003 "Water for Life and Sustainable Development in Egypt".


·      2004 "Water / Peace / Sustainable Development".


·       2005 "Gamalia Children Participate in EARTH DAY Celebrations".


·       2006 "Sustainable Development, from Past to Present: “Futuristic Overview”.


·        2007 "Global Warming and Sustainable Development".


·        2008 "Youth awareness with importance of garbage sorting and roof cultivation".


·        2009 " Responding to the global Financial with the Green Economy Initiative".


·        2010 “Proposed Approaches for Mitigation of Climate Change Effects on Egypt’s Sustainable Development”.




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